Terrain Squares Basic Collection On Sale Now

Terrain Squares for Wargamers

Terrain Squares for Wargamers: Basic Collection is now on sale in the Payhip shop.

I originally created these terrain squares for The Wargaming Compendium and had so many positive comments about them that I’ve wanted to use them in a different way ever since. Now, these larger versions (10cm x 10cm) can be printed out and mounted on card to help you plan your own scenarios – or even be enlarged to form 2D terrain in their own right, which could be used for games with miniatures (especially micro-scale), ‘block’ units or even games like Airfix Battles. However you decide to use them – have fun!

This version is at 200dpi – great for printing out!

NOTE: This collection of squares is available as a FREE GIFT if you sign up to the Gladius Publications newsletter on our home page.

Please also note that all products are now listed in US Dollars. At the time of writing, $1 = 77p approximately.

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