Free Gifts for Newsletter Subscribers

Free gifts for subscribers

After much wrestling with a monkey (well, Mailchimp!), we finally have a newsletter up and running. The big news here is that when you sign up here and go through the verification process, you’ll be given links to not one but TWO free gifts as a thank you! (PDF format)

I wanted to let you know that I value your interest and support very much, and so I had a think about what I could provide as an exclusive gift for those keen enough to follow the progress of this little dream of mine. I thought I had a nice idea – and then I had another one, and couldn’t decide which you’d like best, so instead you get them both!

Free gifts for subscribers

The first is what I have dubbed a “Battle Maps Collection“: six full-colour scenario maps that I have created over the years that will suit games on a 6′ x 4′ (1.8m x 1.2m) tabletop, with ideas for how they can be used. They provide a wide range of challenges in themselves, and of course can be customised to suit your own set-up with a change of climate zone and so on. They are also a good example of the kind of quality you can expect when I start releasing the scenario  books I have planned – though of course these will give full details of objectives, the forces involved, victory conditions and suggested adaptations.

The second is the “Terrain Squares Collection“, a much larger version of the designs I created in The Wargaming Compendium – 27 terrain designs measuring 10cm square, that you can print out and perhaps mount on card, to help you create your own scenarios or even campaign maps. I shall be creating more complex terrain squares and additional features that will be available for sale as one of my first projects, but this completely FREE set will give you a good start and keep you busy for a while. Incidentally, I’m open to requests if you’d like anything in particular depicted for other periods, climate zones and so forth.

So, don’t delay, sign up today!

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